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The ride-sharing industry, dominated by Uber and Lyft, has revolutionized transportation with its convenient and cost-effective services. Both businesses are considered technology companies and not taxi services. That is why passengers typically file accident claims against the driver, not the company itself. The Elan Law Firm strongly encourages individuals to seek guidance from a knowledgeable Lyft or Uber accident attorney in New York.

The Complexity of Filing a Claim as a Rideshare Passenger

In Uber and Lyft auto accidents, the status of rideshare drivers as independent contractors poses challenges for injured individuals. Employers are typically only liable for the actions of employees, not contractors. This technicality has allowed both technology companies to shift liability to the drivers in these cases.

Moreover, a passenger’s fare includes provisions for a safe ride, covering background checks on drivers, motor vehicle screenings, and driver safety education. For example, most states enforce strict requirements for Uber drivers. These areas mandate clean driving records, adequate insurance coverage, and comprehensive background checks encompassing felony, sex offender, and crimes against minors registries.

Sizeable Insurance Policy of Ride-Hailing Companies Like Uber

Uber provides substantial insurance coverage for its drivers, with approximately $1 million policy limits. A three-part insurance plan covers the company and passengers, varying depending on the driver’s activity during the accident. However, the driver’s insurance policy is the primary coverage if they are without a passenger during the accident. Consult with a Lyft and Uber accident attorney for advice on handling these scenarios.

Coverage for an Auto Accident with a Third-Party

In the event of an automobile accident involving a Lyft or Uber driver and a third party, the technology company typically offers coverage of at least $50,000 per person, up to $100,000 per accident, and up to $25,000 for property damage. Additionally, when a passenger is present, Uber provides the same level of insurance as when the driver has accepted a request, but the passenger is not yet in the vehicle.

Coverage for an Auto Accident Before Picking Up a Passenger

When an Uber driver accepts a request, but the passenger is not yet in the vehicle during an accident, Uber’s insurance policy provides coverage for three key aspects:

  • The driver’s liability to a third party,
  • Injuries caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist, and
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage if the driver already has it on their personal insurance.

This coverage offers $1 million in total coverage for bodily injuries. For guidance on navigating automobile accident claims, consult a reliable Lyft and Uber accident attorney.

The Ever-Evolving Scene of Rideshare-Related Insurance Cases

Uber’s insurance policy carrier, like all insurance companies, aims to minimize payouts. This results in potential claim denials. In such cases, accident victims have the option to sue Uber directly or pursue compensation from the driver’s personal insurance provider. Determining the responsible insurance policy can be complex.

Laws governing ride-sharing services can vary greatly from state to state and are constantly evolving. Legal matters surrounding insurance for rideshare services are also being contested in court. As such, handling a claim following an accident as a rideshare passenger is best left to an experienced Uber accident attorney from the Elan Law Firm, who is knowledgeable on insurance regulations and can provide guidance specific to your case.

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