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Real Estate and Transactional Lawyer


Owning a property is one of the most fulfilling achievements a person can have; how much more when you own a real property? In the difficult landscape of New York real estate, having a real estate and transactional lawyer in New York by your side is essential. Knowing its expertise and guidance is ideal and valuable. We will introduce you to a comprehensive scope of our lawyer’s expertise in this field.

Navigating the complexities of real estate transactions in New York demands a thorough understanding of state and local news. Our team of real estate and transactional lawyers boasts comprehensive residential and commercial real estate expertise, including property sales, purchases, leases, and development projects. Our team of lawyers diligently reviews contracts, conducts title searches, and assesses potential liabilities to safeguard our client’s investments.

Also, when life takes an unexpected turn, and you find yourself facing the aftermath of a personal injury, you need more than just legal representation but also a compassionate advocate who understands the physical, emotional, and financial toll it can take. From here, a personal injury lawyer who is fully dedicated to your well-being is what you need. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers is here to guide you through the legal process and ensure your rights are duly protected.

Another field of expertise from our team of lawyers is an estate planning attorney. Planning for the future is a powerful and thoughtful investment in your family’s well-being. Our estate planning attorneys are dedicated to assisting our clients in creating a comprehensive estate plan that reflects our client’s unique wishes and safeguards their loved one’s financial security. If you are starting your estate planning journey or need to update existing documents, our esteemed estate planning attorney is always here to guide you all along the way.

If you are looking for an experienced lawyer, may it be for real estate and transactional, personal injury, or even an estate planning attorney, do not hesitate to contact The Elan Law Firm.


A Guide to Real Estate and Transactional Law

 Many people have heard of real estate and transactional law but may not know exactly what it is. This type of law covers a wide range of topics related to the buying, selling, financing, leasing and other aspects of property ownership. It also includes contracts, wills, business formation, intellectual property and other legal documents related to transactions. Understanding this area of law can help you protect your interests in any real estate or transaction situation. 


What is Real Estate Law? 

Real estate law involves questions that arise when someone owns, buys, sells or leases a piece of property. It includes issues such as mortgages, foreclosures, landlord-tenant relationships, zoning laws and more. These types of cases are generally handled between individuals rather than by government agencies and can involve complex legal proceedings including title searches, surveys and environmental assessments. 


What is Transactional Law? 

Transactional law is the branch of law that deals with the exchange of goods and services for money or another form of value. This includes contracts between parties for goods or services as well as business formation such as LLCs or corporations. It also covers intellectual property matters such as trademarks, copyrights and patents along with wills and estates planning. Transactional lawyers review all contracts involved in a transaction to ensure that all parties involved understand their rights under the contract before signing it into effect. 



Real estate and transactional law covers a wide variety of topics related to the buying, selling, leasing and financing of properties as well as contracts between parties for goods or services. It’s important to understand these areas of law if you’re dealing with any kind of real estate or transaction issue so you can protect your interests accordingly. Working with an experienced lawyer who specializes in these areas will help make sure everything goes smoothly when it comes time to close a deal on your property or sign a contract with another party.