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3 Things to Remember if you are in an Uber Car Accident

The sharing economy has brought about a whole new set of challenges when it comes to sorting out responsibility and liability in an accident. Is my Uber driver liable for my injuries? Is Uber responsible for my medical costs? Do I have to pay out of pocket for my health care after an Uber accident? These questions are ordinarily not in the front of your mind right after an accident. But taking a few steps in the minutes following an Uber car accident can mean the difference between receiving the compensation you are entitled to for injuries and time lost at work and walking away with only your memories of the crash.

1. Seek Medical Care

If you are injured in an Uber accident, it is important that you see first to your health. Explain exactly what happened to the police (if possible) and allow emergency medical personnel and any hospitals or doctors to attend to your injuries. Should you decide to pursue a personal injury case against your Uber driver or the other driver, your medical records and treatment are crucial to any determination about case value. Your medical records will also show any necessary diagnostic testing, treatment plans, surgeries or other recommended therapies that will help you heal and resume your normal life.

seek medical care after uber car accident
First and foremost, take care of your health. Call 911 right away.

2. Document. Document. Document.

If you are not seriously injured in the Uber car accident, start documenting what happened immediately. Pull out your phone and take pictures of the cars, the location where the accident occurred, the people who were involved, the Uber driver’s license and paperwork, the license plates of both cars involved, and the badge number and name of the police officer that comes to assist you. Once the police report is complete, you should request a copy of the report (or, at a minimum, ask for the report number) for your records that will help document the circumstances of the Uber accident.

3. Contact an Uber Accident Attorney as Soon as Possible

It is important that you speak with an attorney with experience in handling Uber accidents as soon as possible after the event. The complexities of a ride-sharing company, their insurance coverage, and the driver’s insurance require an attorney’s analysis. These insurance companies will all be in a hurry to settle with you for the lowest dollar amount possible. It is vital that you speak with an attorney before you speak with any insurance company, including your own. Do not provide a “recorded statement” to any insurance company until consulting with the Uber accident attorneys at The Elan Law Firm. Instead, refer your insurance company to your attorney before making any in-depth statements about the accident.

man calling an uber accident attorney
Contact the Uber Accident Attorneys at The Elan Law Firm!

Have you been injured in an Uber car accident? The attorneys at The Elan Law Firm can help you navigate the legal labyrinth and help you receive compensation for your medical expenses, injuries and time lost at work. Contact us today for a free evaluation to discuss your case.