Does Your State Have a Bedbug Law?

Does Your State Have a Bedbug Law?

Bed bugs can be horrifying. In fact, the mere thought of sleeping in a house infested with bed bugs can scare a lot of people and shake them to the core. The thought of bed bugs is one of the biggest concern for anyone individual looking to rent a house.

Bed bugs not only cause immense psychological terror and painful red sores but they are also super expensive to get them out of your house once they are in. Maybe that is the primary reason why some states have come up with the bed bugs law to protect tenants and ensure that they live a better and comfortable life in rented houses. However, not all states have bedbug laws.

Does Your State Have a Bedbug Law?

Only 21 states in the US have recognized laws that regulate bed bug infestation. However, it is also good to note that some of the state laws regarding bed bug infestation only deal with hotels and fail to offer any proper guidance to landlords. Any rental property that has been infested with bed bugs is actively in violation of the warranty of habitability, but your options may be limited if there is no any specific state law that offers you the much-needed protection and peace of mind.

New York is one of the states that have a state law that addresses bed bug infestation in rental property, public schools, and even hotels. The New York state law demands that all property owners must provide a prospective tenant with a form detailing the apartment’s history of bed bug infestation that dates back to one year.

This law also states that it is the responsibility of your landlord to pay for any treatment aimed at getting rid of the bedbugs. Although Washington state law fails to address the issue of bed bugs, you can always talk to a bed bug lawyer if you discover that your rented apartment is infested with bedbugs.

Bedbug Law in Washington DC

Unfortunately, the laws in Washington DC are unclear to who is to be held responsible for bedbug infestation. As at now, the law stipulates that in case bedbugs spread to more than one dwelling, the landlord is required to provide a solution for the extermination these pests. However, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer in case your hotel room or apartment is infested with bedbugs.

New York Bed Bug Law: Tenants’ Rights

The New York state law stipulates that all tenants have a right to a serene and bedbug-free environment. Fortunately, this right is outlined in New York’s Housing and Maintenance Code Article 4 which names bedbugs in the list of insects that the landlord is obligated to get rid of.

The City’s Department of Housing lists these insects as a Class B violation meaning that they are considered as hazardous and that the landlord will always have 30 days to take care of the problem once the tenant informs him/her. If the landlord fails to provide the bedbug infestation history to the tenant, he/she can file a complainant to compel the landlord to provide the information.

What Should Do If Your House Is Infested with Bedbugs?

The New York State Law is quite clear that it’s your landlord’s responsibility to eliminate these cursed creatures from your rented house or apartment. If your landlord refuses to pay or cooperate, let him/her know that you understand your rights and consider talking to a lawyer for professional legal assistance.

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