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7 Bed Bug Attorney Tips: A Cheat Sheet for People Who Need a Lawyer

You had planned for an entire list of things to go wrong on your vacation. 

You didn’t see them coming. Awful and disgusting bed bugs are now infesting your hotel room.

What you need now is help. What you need is a bed bug attorney.

Have no idea where to start? It’s okay, we’re here to help. 

When You Need a Bed Bug Attorney

Bed bugs are a major problem. As people travel more and more, bed bugs start to become prevalent. They don’t carry diseases but frequent bites can lead to horrible itching and muscle soreness.

This isn’t a simple inconvenience. It can be a major problem. You need to know how to fix this problem and get the compensation you deserve.

This can also be bigger than a ruined vacation. If your brand new apartment has bed bugs, this can be a problem for your foreseeable future. You need to make it better.

A bed bug attorney will help you get to that point. 

The 7 Tip Cheat Sheet

Here are 7 tips you should follow if you ever get into a bad bed bug situation. These tips aren’t in absolute order but keep them all in mind when you start.

1. Gather Evidence of Bed Bugs

At the first sign of a bed bug infestation, whether it be the sight of the bugs themselves or the bites, gather up evidence.

Take pictures of the bites and take pictures of any physical evidence that the bed bugs existed. Make sure the pictures show the context of where you are. 

2. Report Incident

Report the incident to the owners of the establishment. Gauge their reaction. If they do all in their power to fix the problem and provide compensation, you might be able to avoid any major legal action.

If the problem is major or the owners are not attentive to the problem, report the incident to the Department of Health for a full investigation. 

3. Seek Medical Attention if Needed

Bed bugs don’t carry diseases but bites can be problematic. If you feel like you are getting worse, either in muscle soreness or itchiness, go seek a medical professional. Better to be safe than sorry.

4. Check Liability Laws

It is a good idea to check the liability laws of the state you are in. Some states have heavy laws for when an establishment cannot or will not contain a bed bug infestation.

Knowing the liability laws will get you a big heads up on what you can expect from a legal battle and what you should aim for.

5. Find an Attorney with a Bed Bug Speciality

This doesn’t have to be a lawyer that knows all about bed bugs and does nothing but bed bug cases. 

A lawyer that has dealt with these particular cases, even if only once, can help in getting a real positive outcome here. Experience in a particular problem is a major advantage when dealing with legal issues.

6. Avoiding Talking to Your Insurance Before a Lawyer

An insurance company can be helpful in getting you compensation. This is even truer when dealing with an infested apartment. 

The problem is that an insurance company will avoid paying out if they feel they can get away with it. Know the details of what compensation you deserve before dealing with insurance.

Your lawyer can outline what you can get in compensation and tell you what laws can back you up. Then you can be confident in dealing with an insurance company.

7. Document All Expenses

A big notation here on this entire process. Keep track of all your expenses so that they can help to define your compensation. This can include expenses for the hotel or apartment, medical expenses, and loss of vacation days.

No expense is too small but they all must revolve around the bed bug incident.

Losing the Itch

Getting a proper bed bug attorney and the proper compensation may not fix a ruined vacation but it can help you move forward.

Understanding your rights and getting proper treatment for a problem like this is a great feeling. We at the Elan Law Firm can help you fight for what you deserve. Contact us today!